Deklić Winery

The architecture of the new Deklić Winery is a testament to both innovation and heritage. Crafted with red-pigmented concrete, a material evocative of the rich red soil of Istria, the design seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Designed within an impressive four-month timeframe, the winery harmoniously combines spaces for hospitality and wine production.

Perched in Vižinada amidst the sprawling Deklić family vineyards, the winery offers a breathtaking panorama on clear days, with views stretching all the way to Venice. The site’s unique topography, marked by a 13-meter deep canyon, adds a layer of spatial and functional complexity to the architecture, creating an immersive and dynamic experience for visitors.

Overall, the Deklić Winery stands as a symbol of contemporary design excellence intertwined with the timeless beauty of its natural setting, inviting guests to savor not only the exquisite wines but also the remarkable architecture that celebrates Istria’s rich cultural and agricultural heritage.



Hospitality and Industrial


Deklić Family